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Do you want the TL;DR version, or do you have a bit of time on your hands?

Quick (& 3rd person)

Briana Ford has spent almost 15 years working with businesses on their social media presence and strategy. She has covered all aspects including content creation, community management, and paid advertising, making her a full-stack subject matter expert. Her intuitive ability to put herself in the end-user’s shoes is her best super power.

Extended Remix (& 1st person)

I was blessed to have a stepdad who built computers, so I had a computer in my house since I was 5, and my own PC when I turned 8. When I was 9, I taught myself HTML and CSS, and I built my first website on Expage.com. I’ve built literally hundreds since then.

I admit, I was on social networks probably long before I should have been. But it worked to my benefit! I became the youngest moderator of an online forum at just 12 years old, and used MySpace and LiveJournal in high school to keep my small learning community connected online.

I started with more than a dozen college internships that required establishing the social media presence of businesses on Facebook and Twitter. One turned into my first full-time Social Media Coordinator role in 2010. I began providing freelance social media work and consultations for a variety of blogs and brands on the side.

As algorithms changed, so did the needs business owners. I became certified in Google, Bing, and Facebook Ads. I’ve used this professional and personal experience to help Black entrepreneurs get their businesses in front of their target audience.

My latest act is being a Community Manager for Meta’s (formerly Facebook) Elevate program, helping Black and Brown business owners, creators, and job seekers find the tools to help make them competitive in the market.

After a 7 year stint in Dallas, Texas, I’ve returned to California where I always belonged.