Already Home

Already Home

Been around the world and I, I, I… I haven’t actually been around the world, but I’ve been around this blogging block for what seems like a long time. My first blog was made back in 2000. I don’t even know if I knew it was a blog. It was the summer before I turned […]

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Women Entrepreneurs Rock 2014

Women Entrepreneurs Rock – Getting My Feet Wet

What women do you look up to when it comes to business? Oprah no doubt. Maybe Lori Greiner from Shark Tank. Sheryl Sandberg? Beyonce is a great contender too. We can look up to these women all day long, but having access to them, not so much. But hey, a girl can dream. I, thankfully, […]

And then she turned 24

And Then She Turned 24

For some reason, this birthday caught me off guard. One minute, it was coming, the next, it was here. Now it’s gone. I’m officially 24 years old. If 23 was my Jordan Year, then 24 is now my Kobe Year. I had a plan for 23, so let’s see how I did. My Relationship with […]


Dating in the Digital Age

So I’ve briefly shared my somewhat frightening experience with online dating with you all. Good times. But now, I have a little bit of science to explain some of the craziness I encountered. Christian Rudder, one of the cofounders of OKCupid (a dating site) has written the equivalent of a data nerd’s wet dream. The book […]

why i have to own my black

Why I Have to Own My Black

I planned on writing about Raven Symone the other day. I didn’t watch the interview. I didn’t watch a clip. I asked for a summary of her comments, because I saw so many people outraged over it. Even after the summary, I still didn’t understand why people were so butt hurt. Raven said she sees […]

Laugh at My Pain: Lying Ex Boyfriends

Laugh at My Pain: Lying Ex Boyfriends

I have been in a bit of a tizzy all day because of the strangest conversation that ultimately ended a 9 year long “relationship”. While I’m still feeling some type of way, I’m ultimately relieved I finally slammed the door closed. So take a seat for story time kids. I don’t have the desire to change […]