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My name is Briana Melissa Ford. I’m a writer of all things wordy, an influencer via social media, and a Shero taking over the world. I’m a book nerd, musical old soul, and a Gladiator who loves to LOL. I leverage technology, training, and the art of storytelling to help young women of color to embrace their bona fide selves. So grab your shades & flip flops, and let’s live boldly!


Who do you think you are? Who do your loved ones know you to be? If you don’t know, I help you figure it out. If you do, I challenge you to embrace it.


With the career jumpstart, I give you the tools to help you land a job, become a stand out employee, or launch your own business and become a real #boss.


From letting your true self shine on social media, to showing you the ins and outs of creating your own blog, I help you thrive in a digital lifestyle.

Review the New You 2015 Goal-Planning Worksheets

2014 has been an amazing year for me, and that was just by chance! I’m going into 2015 with intention, and I want you to do the same.

The Review the New You 2015 Goal Planning worksheets will give you an opportunity to look back at 2014, identify what went great and what needed improvement, and prepare you for the blow out year of 2015.

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Dear Amazon, You’re Trying Too Hard

I am a self-proclaimed gadget gal, but my loyalty doesn’t lie with just one brand. I do have my preferences when it comes to technology, but usually I just look for whatever product works best for me and my lifestyle. All of these different companies compete... read more

#SoulFedSunday: Ego vs. Spirit

Inspired by Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, I bring to you Soul Fed Sunday. Get your soul fed with life lessons to becoming your bona fide self, using inspirational quotes as food. Today’s quote is brought to you by one of my mentors and blogger crushes: GG... read more

QUIET! An Introvert Over Stimulated

On a Saturday night only 15 minutes from downtown LA, I’m in the bed. My TV is on mute, my glasses are on, and I feel good. Actually, this is the best I’ve felt all day. Probably the best I’ve felt relaxation wise in more than two weeks. I’m an... read more

Why I Started Reading So Many Books

If I’m known for anything within my network, I’m probably known as being the crazy book lady. I love books. Reading them, buying them, talking about them. Ball Book is life. I love them in all formats: hardcover, paperback, Kindle, PDF, audiobook, it... read more

4 Ways Women Entrepreneurs Can Rock It

This weekend, I braved the literally freezing cold to attend a one-day conference all about empowering women entrepreneurs in Atlanta, GA. Women Entrepreneurs Rock, aka WE Rock 2014, was put on by Melisa Alaba and Edeline Dryden to inspire, educate, mentor, and give... read more

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