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I joined Ladies Who Geek as the Director of Social Media in 2019. Ladies Who Geek is a non-profit creating a fun, safe, and inviting space for women to educate themselves in the popular culture arts.

As the Director of Social Media, I was responsible for creating a brand voice for our organization, and manage our social profiles under that voice and personality. This included designing cover photos for our Facebook Events pages.

Our Ladies Who Geek persona was:

  • Inclusive: the organization was geared toward women and non-binary individuals. We were about being inclusive to those who have previously been excluded from geek popular culture.
  • Geeky: just like the name suggests, the content that came from Ladies Who Geek needed to relate to things that some may find, well, geeky! This included fandoms, hobbies, and entertainment.

In my tenure, I increased the engagement of our Facebook group using Polls and encouraged donations using the Fundraising tool.